Taxis, hackney carriages and private hire vehicles together with their drivers and private hire operators are licensed by local authorities.

Licensing provides a visible assurance to the public that the vehicle has been checked every six months for safety and that the driver has been checked medically and is fit to hold a licence. Drivers have a criminal records check undertaken on them before their licence is issued, then every three years thereafter.

Types of taxi

There are two types of taxi:

  • A hackney carriage - the vehicle and driver are immediately available for hire and can be hailed on the street
  • A private hire vehicle - these must be booked in advance, through a licensed operator

To make the distinction easier for the travelling public within the borough all hackney carriages must display a taxi roof sign. These are not permitted on private hire vehicles.

Each licensed vehicle is issued with a licence plate, updated annually and which must be fixed to the rear of the vehicle. Some executive hire and speciality vehicles will have a small internal plate fixed to the windscreen rather than an external plate.

Licensed drivers are issued with a photographic I.D. badge, which must be worn at all times whilst acting as the driver of a licensed vehicle.

Download the list of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles [pdf] 197KB

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