Food Safety Policy

It is our policy to strive to ensure that food intended for sale for human consumption, which is produced, stored, distributed, handled or consumed within the borough, is without risk to the health or safety of the consumer.

The purpose of this policy is to secure efficient compliance with food safety legislation and reduce the potential harm to health, while minimising the burden on businesses.

The policy describes the circumstances when various enforcement actions will be taken. It has been developed to ensure that our approach is:

  • Consistent in order to ensure that businesses are treated in the same way and that there is a level playing field
  • Proportionate to ensure that activity is balanced between giving advice and inspection
  • Targeted to focus resources on high-risk enterprises with a lighter touch for compliant businesses
  • Accountable in order to ensure that businesses and the public are better able to scrutinise how we operate
  • Transparent to ensure others understand our methods of work and to illustrate how we help business ensure compliance

Further information

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If you would like further information on our food safety policy please email the Environmental Health team.