Fundraising collections are a common method of raising money for charities. There are many different forms of charitable collections and all have different rules associated with them. Below are the most common forms of collection.

Street collection

Anyone holding a collection in the street will need to apply for a licence.

House-to-house collection

House-to-house collection, or going from door-to-door collecting money or items, also requires a licence from us, unless a Home Office Exemption Order has been granted.

Direct debit fundraising

Fundraising by direct debit is not currently licensable, but a diary is held by us for Tenterden town centre. The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) hold the diary for Ashford town centre. The PFRA can be contacted on 0207 401 8452.

Private collection 

If a collection is being held on private property, for example within a shopping centre, you must obtain permission from the landowner or manager. In some instances they may also ask you to obtain a street collection permit from us.

Contact us

For further information email Licensing.