Rechargeable Works

We recharge the cost of repairs and maintenance, where the cause is due to misuse, abuse or accidental damage. We do not recharge for items that have failed because of age, or fair wear and tear. Examples of rechargeable work are clearing blocked toilets, replacing broken windows and door panels, and changing locks. When reporting a repair we will tell you if the item is rechargeable.

To ensure that any repairs or replacements meet our required standard, we prefer to arrange all necessary works. The benefits to you are: competitive costs, approved contractors, work completed to the council’s required standard and a guarantee on parts and labour.

You can arrange for your own repair or replacement, but you must ensure you have our written approval before doing so. We will recharge you for all costs that arise for correcting work undertaken or commissioned by you.

In some circumstances we may have to carry out such work when you are absent, either to secure the property or prevent further damage. Whether the work was at your request or, as part of our duty of care to our tenants and our property, we will usually make a charge. Should we decide not to recharge the cost we will tell you in writing.

Indicative cost of rechargeable works including admin charges and VAT at applicable rates (Further costs available upon request)
Description of repair Non-emergency repair cost Emergency repair cost between 8:31am and 4:00pm Emergency repair cost between 4:01pm and 8:00am
Locksmith services to gain entry and install lock to timber door £76.40 £128.93 £206.28
Locksmith services to gain entry and install lock to UPVc door £50.69 £94.21 £171.58
Clear blockage to drain/gulley £99.59 £125.38 £202.73
Clear blockage to WC pan, sink or bath £78.25 £104.03 £154.39
Repair water leak to pipes, stop cock or valve £58.44 £84.23 £161.58
Boarding up of window or door £60.17 £85.96 £161.31
Renewal of internal door £168.22 - -
Renewal of glazing  up to a maximum of 1 square metre £109.91 - -
Renewal of locking window handle £38.99 - -
Renewal of kitchen unit door £60.17 - -
Renewal of kitchen unit drawer £51.58 - -
Household clearance (Category 1) £115.18 - -
Household clearance (Category 2) £279.16 - -
Household clearance (Category 3) £381.78 - -


Where we know the cost before we do the work, you should pay the full cost of the recharge first.

 Click here to make an online payment

Please have your credit or debit card handy. Please note that we have upgraded our payment system and you may notice changes to the pages that are displayed.

Contact us on 01233 330688 if you want to make a payment but have not yet received a payment number. Once you know how much to pay and have a payment number, you can pay online with a credit or debit card. Where the cost is more than you can reasonably pay in advance, we can accept a minimum deposit of 50 per cent of the cost.

We calculate the recharge by adding a five per cent administration charge to the cost of the work and then add any other direct costs incurred as the result of taking action to recover the debt after which, VAT is added.

We send a sundry debtor account to you for the remaining amount. If you cannot pay in full we can accept instalments of six payments made monthly.